Start to sell your B2B product right
The best sales managers want to sell your  startup, and they know make it real
Most of them require active sales.
Unfortunately, this is one of the most important and hardest tasks.
Tech-related startups are founded every year
So many startups have no ideas how sell their product
Of B2B marketers find generating high-quality leads as their biggest challenge.
How you can make a clear product description focused on the sales manager and find him?
Get right template
Our tempalate developed in collaboration with the most successful sales managers and marketers. Follow tips and you will make it possible to be crystal clear and attractive for any sales manager.
Any sales manager who find your statrup with an understandable sales kit and conditions in order to answer the main question for himself – I can sell it to my clients.
Post it at our platform
The platform promotes startups among sales managers from relevant industries, records all sales manager's activities (leads, appointments, successful deals)
Connect with sales
You can use your profile page with sales kit for connection with external sales managers or you can use as special only internal link just for approved users.
Start sale!
Two main features of our platform
Help you to be understable by B2B sales manager
Connect you with the best sales managers in your industry
Get start, join community and get opportunity to be first
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