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Start selling your B2B product right
The best salespeople want to sell what your startup produces, and we know how to make it a reality
Meanwhile, active sales is one of the most important and difficult tasks
tech startups are founded annually
Many startups have absolutely no idea how to market their product
of B2B marketers say creating quality leads is their biggest challenge
How do I create a clear sales-focused product description and find the right salesperson?
Start with the right template
Our sales kit template was developed in collaboration with the most successful market specialists. Just follow the instructions and be crystal clear and attractive to salespeople.
Professional sellers from your industry will immediately understand your product's unique value, so they can work out a deal with you and start selling right away.
Run with it on our platform
The platform promotes your startup to salespeople from your industry and records all their actions (leads, meetings, successful deals).
Get a match with your sales manager
You can use your profile page with the sales kit to contact professional salespeople or use a special link for approved users only
Start selling!
Two simple steps to success with our platform
Attract successful B2B salespeople from your industry
Join the community and watch the sales roll in
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How ICANSELL works
For startups
For salespeople
ICANSELL is a great way to sell your B2B product. You can create a perfect sales kit and use it to sell with your own team, and/or attract expert enterprise salespeople as agents to sell it to their huge list of customer contacts.
Sign up on the ICANSELL platform
Your startup's profile will only be visible to registered users. Of course, you can always hide the profile from everyone or make it visible only to your team.
Create the perfect sales kit for your product
ICANSELL offers a cutting-edge sales kit constructor, created in collaboration with the most successful salespeople. Just follow the simple steps and create a sales kit without missing anything that salespeople need to sell your solution to their customers right away.
Invite your sales team and partners to the ICANSELL platform and share the sales kit with them
ICANSELL allows you to collect everything your team needs to sell your product in one convenient place. Use ICANSELL as a workspace for your sales team and partners, where you can constantly update and improve your sales kit to make your sales even more successful.
Allow expert enterprise salespeople to sell your solution to their customers
Make your ICANSELL profile visible to a vibrant community of professional sellers, and let the best industry sales experts find your solution. Instantly connect with salespeople who are knowledgeable in your industry and get them passionate about your product. Once they understand how it works and agree to the agency commission, they can start offering it to their customers.
ICANSELL is an excellent platform for salespeople who know how to sell B2B solutions, and have a wide network of contacts and leads. You can easily find products from startups in industries you're familiar with and offer them to your customers. Earn extra money by monetizing your connections, experience, and skills.
Sign up on the ICANSELL platform
Describe yourself, and the types of products in which you have sales experience. Specify the industries in which you have customer contacts.

Your profile will only be visible to registered users. Of course, you can always hide your profile from everyone or make it visible only to your connections.
Find startups and products from industries you're familiar with
If you find a startup with a product you're interested in, send a request to connect and get access all the details, their sales kit, and terms of cooperation.
Set up an agency agreement with the startups you're interested in
Sign an agency agreement with a startup, and use ICANSELL's built-in messenger to communicate with their team. Tell them about your sales experience and how excited you are to sell their product to your customers.
Earn extra money by monetizing your connections, experience, and skills
Offer the startup's product to your customers. If a customer purchases the product, you will receive a sales commission, agreed on previously with the startup. ICANSELL will record your agreements and sales activities to resolve any possible disputes.
Get started today! Join the community and be among the first to start selling with us!
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